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Welcome to DonBosco Junior School

The Junior School is nestled between the Primary and High School and stands tall amidst the greenary. Junior Section was created to provide individual   attention and strengthen the academics of the students.

Mrs. Rajeshwari was appointed as the Headmistress of the Junior Section along with a group of versatile teachers who can don any role with ease and flair.

At DonBosco we believe in an overall development of each child. Keeping this in mind, the curricullum is designed to suit the needs of the same.
In a span of 4 years, the 10 year olds who join the Junior School in class 5th, are prepared to face the exams and gradually brought up to tackle the board syllabus in the 9th and 10th.
At the same time, they are also exposed to extra activities and competitions like oration, declamation, spelling bee, poetry writing which help the students to be speak confidently and write creatively. 

Nature club, yoga, music, computers and art and craft are an integral part of the curricullum as these help in enhancing the child's abilities and talents. Field trips and educational tours are conducted regularly to broaden their horizon. They are even taken to view good movies at the end of each term to help them learn through fun. 
The school believes that safety begins with oneself. 

Yoga trains the girls to meditate which helps them to improve their concentration levels and also teaches them asanas to keep them fit and healthy.The aim of having art and craft classes is

to develop the aethetic sense and to introduce them to needle work.The girls not only learn to stitch but also learn glass painting, pottery and make best out of waste.The beautifully crafted work of the girls is exhibited at the end of each term for the parents to view.

The idea of E-Classroom is to help the students to deal with the demanding and hectic lifestyle of today. Visual as a medium have an unbelievable impact on society indirectly educating and influencing thousands across the world.School cinema, as a communication tool,subtly encourages and influences the students to make the right choices and reaffirm life skills, values and morals. 

We,at DonBosco, incorporated  Life skills along with Life sciences to help the student imbibe contribute for better living.

DonBosco Arts and Science fair are regurarly held through which the students innovative ideas turn to reality. With the care taken into the grooming of the students in the Junior School, they turn out to be smart, confident, ever willing to voice their opinion and responsible citizens of this country